Manage your finance
simple and without limits is a tool with great UI
that helps you manage spendings and earnings and
stores all data in your Google account
Most financial services store your data on their servers. With this approach, you don’t have access to them except through a site or mobile application.

It can be simple and convenient when you start managing your spendings. After some period you grow out and need more flexible, insightful and controlled tool to manage your finance.

Solutions that give flexibility have existed for a long time — this is spreadsheets like Excel or Google that don’t limit in capabilities but in UI, especially when working on mobile devices. solves both problems: it offers a simple and beautiful interface and stores all your data into spreadsheets on your Google account.
Work on any device interface is responsive and looks well on laptops and mobiles.
Keep your finance in order
Stay engaged and manage your finance every few days. Use accounts and categories to organize your spendings and earnings.
Be always up to date
Be aware of your finance at any place and time where the Internet is available.
Analyze spendings and earnings for a selected period of time and get insights.
Collaborate on your data
Use the capabilities of Google Spreadsheets to share data with family, relatives or colleagues.
Get reports
Build charts with Google Spreadsheet tools to get insights in a visual form.
Use integrations
Integrate your Google Spreadsheet with other Google apps and extend the functionality.
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